While the safety of children must never be compromised, the education sector has become a litigious environment, placing yet another layer of pressure on schools and school principals. Parents are more aware of their rights and are quick to bring formal complaints. Issues that used to be settled via a conversation between students, teachers, parents and principals are now being taken to tribunals and courts. Also, administration in the education sector has become much more complex and regulated, requiring specialist advice.

Specialists On Your Side

Our team is structured to represent the interests of schools and to assist principals and school authorities to traverse the increasingly jagged legal landscape. The senior lawyers in our practice are viewed as leading legal experts in education law.

We have a large body of experience in resolving legal problems that range from negligence claims for injuries in the playground, to anti-discrimination complaints brought by students and teachers. We also deal with less contentious issues, such as commercial contracts and property access rights. We know how personal the issues can be and how difficult it is to balance the competing interests of stakeholders. There are times when it can seem impossible to get that balance right.

Our lawyers provide compassionate support and well-founded advice that finds a sensible human and commercial resolution to each problem. We have been involved in representing schools on many of the major education cases that have been dealt with through the legal system. We have also helped to resolve many more of these without going to court through our expert skills in dispute resolution.

Our Clients
  • Catholic systemic schools
  • Early childhood learning centres
  • Education related charities
  • Educational trusts and foundations
  • Independent schools
  • Insurers who carry risks in the education sector
  • Research institutes
  • State Government school system including NSW Department of Education
  • Universities
Our Services
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Commercial relationships
    - building defects and disputes
    - commercial disputes
    - construction and building projects
    - intellectual property and licensing
    - technology contracts and disputes
  • Compliance
  • Debt recovery
  • Disability issues
  • Discrimination
  • Educational malpractice
  • Employment issues
    - work, health and safety
    - WorkCover prosecutions
  • Fairness and natural justice
  • Financial arrangements
  • Governance
    - advice to board members and trustees
    - constitutions
  • Inquests and coronial matters
  • Insurance claims
  • Negligence claims
    - accidents before and after school
    - accidents in the classroom
    - accidents in the playground
    - accidents during PE and sporting activities
    - accidents during excursions and camps
    - dangerous objects and structures
  • Personal injury matters
  • Policies and procedures
  • Professional standards/misconduct issues
  • Property
    - easements
    - planning
    - sale and purchases
  • Reputation management
  • Rights of access
  • Schools and university funding
    - bequests
    - grants
    - trusts and foundations
  • Sexual abuse claims
  • Tax exemptions