Corporate and Commercial

Australian businesses are operating in a climate that is more demanding, less forgiving and more competitive than at any time in our history. Changes in consumer, market behaviour and technology are presenting exciting possibilities for some and significant threats to others. The capacity to assess opportunities and implement transactions quickly can often be what separates the two.

Specialists On Your Side

Many of our clients are small to medium sized businesses and we support them by getting to know their businesses, challenges, risk appetite, objectives and, most importantly, their people. We take a personal interest in their success and respond quickly to their requirements, meet the most demanding of deadlines and bring issues to their attention in a proactive way.

We work alongside senior management to understand the commercial drivers of every project or transaction and everything we do is geared to acting swiftly to help our clients to achieve the commercial result they have targeted.

Our Clients
  • Large and small listed property trusts
  • Private companies
  • Private equity companies
  • Family businesses
  • High net worth individuals
  • Listed companies
  • Property trusts
Our Services
  • Business Structuring
    - joint venture agreements
    - partnership agreements
    - shareholders agreements
    - trusts
  • Buying and Selling Businesses
  • Capital Management
    - capital reductions
    - share buy backs
  • Corporate Compliance
    - Corporations Act
    - corporate governance
    - occupational health & safety
    - privacy
    - trade practices
  • Directors' Duties
  • Distribution and Marketing
  • Franchising
  • Intellectual Property
    - trade marks, brand creation and protection
    - domain names, ecommerce and internet law
    - copyright and design
    - IP audits 
    - licensing 
    - privacy
  • Supply Agreements
  • Terms of Trade