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by Bill d'Apice AM
20 December 2016

Last week, the ACNC launched a “Registered Charity Tick”.

by Alex Kohn
08 December 2016

What options can school leaders pursue in their efforts to deal with unusually difficult parents?

Alex Kohn shares his insights. 

by Alex Kohn
20 October 2016

Under the law of negligence, school principals have a duty of care to take reasonable steps to prevent a foreseeable risk of injury to students. And if that duty is breached, a student may be entitled to legal compensation for loss or damage arising from the negligent act or omission. But how well do principals appreciate the extent of that duty of care?

by Raymon Anderson
23 September 2016

Raymon Anderson, Senior Associate in the firm's Dispute Resolution group is a member of The Law Society of NSW's Young Lawyers network and is urging all young lawyers to get involved. In the following video he talks about the benefits and the endless development opportunities that this network offers to young lawyers. 

Click here to view the video.


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