Case Study

Radio Communication Sites

by Chris Drayton
19 November 2015

Client: NSW Police Force


Identify analyse and document the access, tenure, leasing and licensing of over 600 radio communication sites throughout the state of NSW. The nature of the sites are often complex, there is an inherent sensitivity to the work and the emergency services' requirements mean the sites need to be fully operational at all times.

Our role:

We have been providing property advice to the NSW Police Force (NSWPF) , since 2007, on their radio sites. This has included advising on the legal issues relating to the sites, together with the transfer and acquisition of radio communications infrastructure and negotiating master documents with major Telcos. We have worked alongside the relevant NSWPF client contact as an extension of their team, taking an advisory, project management and technical legal role.

Most recently we have also been advising on an additional two projects involving a major project with Rural Fire Service radio communications and the Radio Communications Maintenance Programme which involves the establishment of new sites and the capital upgrading of sites.


We have liaised with some 30-40 local councils as well as the Rural Fire Service (RFS) in order to document the tenure of RFS equipment on NSWPF radio communication sites and continue to work on finalising all projects, which has required us to liaise as necessary with third party landowners. Project management has been key, particularly where documentation has often been non-existent and a high degree of problem solving and research has been required.  Documenting the arrangements has allowed our client to have contractual rights it is able to enforce and refer to where necessary.